In 2020, Mu-PRO released several commercial simulation programs, including two phase-field models, the Ferroelectric module and the Ferromagnetic module, and an Effective Properties calculation program. Inside Mu-PRO, we have a shared library that powered all these seemingly separate programs.

Since then, we have been planning to release the core library itself and allow our users to modify the main programs so that they can get the maximum value from our solvers. This is also one of our most frequently heard requests that “Can we change some simple things in the main program?”.

In 2023, we have our answer to this, the Mu-PRO Phase-Field SDK.

The SDK aims to provide phase-field model developers a:

  • distributed parallel simulation framework

  • multiple solvers based on fast fourier transform

    • elastic equilibrium

    • poisson equation

    • Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation

    • Time-dependent Ginzburg Landau equation

    • Allen-Cahn equation

    • Cahn-Hilliard equation

  • free format parameter input

  • uniform data input and output